Buy this shirt here.

Buy this shirt here.

30 September 2014 ·

Posters by trevordunt. 11x17”, $20. (Left, right)

7 August 2014 ·

Today only - half price LOST action figures!
Each pair pictured above is on sale for $19.

17 July 2014 ·

Two new shirt designs by zort70!

Pick them up here:
Only fools are enslaved / Live together die alone

18 June 2014 ·

Numbers keychain - $12 on Etsy.

Numbers keychain - $12 on Etsy.

17 June 2014 ·

Shirt available on Redbubble.

Shirt available on Redbubble.

10 June 2014 ·

Dharma class of ‘77 shirts - $10

Dharma class of ‘77 shirts - $10

5 June 2014 ·

In honor of the 10th anniversary reunion panel, five LOST shirts that were previously on short sale are back on sale for just two weeks. Get them now before they’re gone forever!

Clockwise from top: Namaste Poster; Candidates; Polar Beer; Island Reunion; Wrong Island.

18 March 2014 ·

Head over to Qwertee and vote for this 10 year anniversary LOST shirt design.

18 March 2014 ·

Sawyer-inspired t-shirts. All available on Redbubble.

Sawyer’s fish biscuits
It’s Lord of the Flies time (black and white)
It’s Lord of the Flies time (color)

11 March 2014 ·


Crit is the man behind the curtain of Fuckyeahlost.

Crit with Michael Emerson:

Damon Lindelof to FYL:
"THANK YOU for keeping the cave light on."

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